70 Years of experience at your service. Our company, founded by Gilberto Colombo, is still specialised in the cold drawing of top quality pipes, exposed to different thermal and mechanical treatments according to needs, to obtain with maximum precision the technical specifications required for the different applications.

The exceptional technical specifications of the special steels are also emphasised by the different thickness created on the same pipe and the outlining of the most varying shapes.

Thanks to the experience gained throughout its long tradition, TRAFILTUBI is solidly bound by strong, long-standing relations with its clients and suppliers, and can flexibly meet the most sophisticated needs for assistance and supply.

TRAFILTUBI also represents continuous innovation. Over the last few years, the innovative thrust at Trafiltubi has led to a considerable expansion in the range of special steels. In the field of stainless steels, TRAFILTUBI has also promoted research into the creation of new tubular structures without welding, capable of bringing together excellent specifications in a combination yet not drawn upon. As a result, we create pipes that cannot be affected by corrosion, that have a high mechanical resistance that can easily be worked on to obtain different thickness and outlines and can be easily welded avoiding weakened components close to the welded areas. Because of this research, 2006 saw the launch of HInoxTUBE®, an exclusive, patented product produced in a special cold drawn stainless material, outlined and worked to varying thickness, complete with exceptional performance in terms of mechanical and welding specifications.