Fast shipment warehouse

Our fast shipment Warehouse makes immediately or very quickly available pipes in 15CDV6 and 25CrMo4 steels with the most commonly used sizes as well as some of the other most popular sizes and qualities used in the Karting industry, even in very small amounts.

Trafiltubi is known for fast deliveries, based on customer needs. Any dedicated production, however, obviously requires minimal technical times (for drawing, thermal treatments, finishings, controls etc) and presents stationary starter production costs. So we have devised various formulas with the aim to combine rapid delivery and competitive prices:

1. Warehouse immediate delivery : withdrawal within 1/2 days

2. ultra quick service : delivery within 5/7 days

3. very quick service : delivery within 8/10 days

Using these formulas Trafiltubi makes available to its customers, for immediate delivery, or very rapid, and even in very small quantities, the most required sizes of 15CDV6 and 25CrMo4 special tubes. 
You can ask our tables that list the dimensions always available or currently under development. 
Please don't hesitate to ask for other dimensions (including special shaped profiles or other special jobs). In fact, other measures may be available even if not present in the table. Confidently present your requests to our Commercial bureau.