Between 2006 and 2007, we have celebrated the double anniversary of these two closely intertwined realities: created in 1947, the historical Gilco label has celebrated the sixtieth anniversary while Trafiltubi, founded in 1966, has celebrated its fortieth birthday.




For Gilco and Trafiltubi's 2006 and 2007 anniversaries, Trafiltubi has presented two commemorative frames created by Simoncini Telai in limited edition and from an exclusive Gilco design.
Both these frames are available in two high-tech materials, 15CDV6 and HInoxTUBE®.

The latter material is used solely in the ORIGINAL GILCO FRAMES, notwithstanding the exclusive rights conceded by Trafiltubi to Columbus for bicycles applications.

The Gilco frames are produced in two design versions:
the Dual 60G, that celebrates Gilco's sixtieth anniversary,
and the Dual 40T, dedicated on the other hand to Trafiltubi's fortieth birthday.

Both models develop the original Gilberto Colombo idea of a double piping frame, that has been created in the Forties in an original round version (the "boat" or "cradle" frame) and that, after further development, takes on the form of the Dual in 1987.

The Dual 60G model, suitably updated, re-issues the boat model from the Forties.


 The Dual 40T, on the other hand, further develops the Dual concept proposing a double structure on the entire frame, including the seat post pipe.






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