Trafiltubi production

Trafiltubi organization has the aim to offer to all customers the highest quality of product and service. Our Clients are welcome everytime for visit or quality audit. 

We are Certified:

and in 2016 we are on the way for ISO 9100 certification. 


The internal Quality Control constantly checks the processes and products according to certified procedures.
The Trafiltubi Laboratory is well equipped to perform:
* mechanical tests: tensile, hardness, compression, flaring/ flattening tests.
* Non-destructive testing: Eddy Current, liquid penetrant, ultrasonic, hydrostatic tests.
* Micrographic and metallographic analysis: decarburization, dimensional control, grain size, intergranular corrosive tests.
* Chemical analysis: chemical analysis by spectrometer, high precision analysis of Carbon percentage.
* Dimensional check: surface roughness test.

With every order, the Laboratory carries out a test certification in line with UNI EN 10204 - 3.1
On Client's request, special controls and trials are carried out and certified including those with external bodies: TUV, DNV, L.R. etc.

Raw Material Warehouse

In order to provide a better service and the shortest delivery time, Trafiltubi has a vast warehouse of raw material, with both stainless steel and low alloy and carbon fibre steel, up to 700 tons.

Tooling department and shape production

As well as having a vast warehouse of ready tools, Trafiltubi feels strategic to be complete autonomy by being able to quickly produce the widest range of special equipment. Therefore, the internal tool department uses CNC machinery to build matrices/dies and mandrels to design.
Special shaped profiles with particular specifications are created according to the most varied clients' needs. It is possible for clients to have equipment specifically set aside for them.

Chemical treatment departments

A system of sequential tanks allows performing the chemical process needed to oil the piping, both in carbon fibre and stainless steels. In the same plant are carried out also the finishing processes such as dephosphatation, pickling and passivation.


The department has four drawing benches (three multiple drafts) with different capacities: 10 tons, 20 tons and 50 tons and one 15 tons with the possibility of producing different thicknesses on the same pipe.

Thermal treatment departments

The thermal treatment is carefully balanced and repeated at different stages throughout the production process and is a guarantee for the realization of finished products capable of meeting the highest technical needs.

Trafiltubi's aim is to perform not only the classi" thermal treatments (solution annealing, annealing, normalising, air-hardening, tempering and stress relieving), but also special treatments to meet Clients' specific needs. The department has two different ovens that can carry out treatments up to 1.100°C. Both ovens have an electronic temperature and speed control that allow the monitoring and recording of critical parameters for the successful result of the treatment itself. All the treatments are carried out under controlled conditions.

Finishing department

As well as the classic straightening and cutting operations, the finishing department can carry out other work: cutting to length (cut into small pieces), glazing, pipe marking, oiling, demagnetisation, special packaging.

Non-destructive control department

Trafiltubi has an automatic plant for non-destructive Eddy Current control, aimed at looking for both radial and longitudinal defects. This line, in fact, is fitted with a rotating head control system for superficial, longitudinal defects, and a winding spool apparatus to search for radial defects.c

Fast Shipment Warehouse

Our fast shipment pipe warehouse offers an exclusive service to clients who need fast delivery of top quality materials such 15CDV6 and 25CrMo4. In the warehouse there are always pipes available of the most popular size and quality for frame fitting and karting. In addition to the examples given in the table below, we periodically add others dimensions due to the work in progress, such as particular edged profiles or those obtained with other special kinds of work.