Trafiltubi today

Innovation in Trafiltubi stems from and continues its long and strong tradition of leading edge research and product development.
Our company, founded by Gilberto Colombo, specialises in cold drawing of top quality pipes, that undergo different thermal and mechanical treatments according to the clients’ specific needs, in order to obtain with maximum precision the technical specifications required for the different applications.

The top level quality of the special steels used by Trafiltubi allows the production of pipes with varying thicknesses as well as varying outline shapes.

During its long story Trafiltubi has built strong, long-standing relationships with its clients and suppliers, whose most sophisticated needs it accaomodates with professionality and flexibility.

The push towards innovation keeps leading us to continuously broaden the range of our special steels. We have a long standing specialisation in the production of special low-alloy steels (15CDV6, 25CrMo4 and 42CrMo4 as well as all tempered steels), and, since 2007, Trafiltubi has also become the first hybrid manufacturer in Italy and Europe. It is capable of producing and supplying both carbon and stainless steels, in the most varied grades and profiles and to the highest levels of quality. Trafiltubi has reached this goal thanks to the research project promoted in 2005 by the owners, and carried out jointly with the best technicians from the Aubert & Duval steel mill. The project aimed to create new original tubular structures, in fact seamless tubes capable of bundling an unprecedented set of excellent properties: high resistance to corrosion, high tensile strength, aptitude to easily be worked on to obtain different thickness and profiles, and to be welded without creating weaknesses near the weld joints.

As a result of this research 2006 saw the launch of HInoxTUBE®, an exclusive, patented tube produced with a special cold drawn stainless material, perfect to be worked into different profiles and varying thickness, and with exceptional performance skills in terms of mechanical and welding properties.